Advantages of wood plastic profile production line

    Wood plastic profile production line adopts frequency control motor of extruder, optimization of the PE wood plastic special screw, production capacity can be increased by 50%, electricity saving 30%, with a dedicated reducer. The screw barrel with double metal processing, wear-resisting corrosion resistance. Smooth operation,high capacity and long service life. PE and wood and other additives can be directly extrusion after mixing, also can be two-step extrusion after granulation, save electricity and space, has high capacity, stable extrusion pressure, preheat feeder placed on top of the host, first take out most of the residual moisture in wood powder, enrich host charging period of material more compact; Plasticizing much better. Optimization design of screw using shear small, not easy to cut wood fiber, can make the material stay in the machine time evenly. Wood powder and plant fiber content is high (up to 50-75%); Equipment adaptability is strong, but at the same time processing PP, PE, ABS, PS, etc.

    Wood plastic profile production line product features: environmental protection, waterproof, moistureproof, anticorrosive, prevent mildew, deformation, good flame retardant, and can be reused. Woodiness feeling very good, color is gorgeous, can allocate various rare wood color, no need to surface treatment. Especially suitable for use in the damp environment. Applicable to drill, planer, hammer, saw, laminating, printing and other wood construction way, the shape of the wood is not easy to processing molding plastic with wood, special easy processing.