MPP enhanced corrugated pipe profile

HFB power tube (and called MPP enhanced corrugated tube, and MPP power tube, and MPP cable tube, and MPP power cable protection tube) is to modified sex poly c (MPP) for main raw materials, used composite enhanced modified sex special formula and processing process made of new structure wall material pipeline, has structure novel, and strength high, and resistance temperature performance good, and construction simple and save costs, series advantages. As the power tube industry new products, HFB power tube (single wall corrugated pipe MPP) solves the process of forming and compound modification of materials and other industry problems, innovative and creative design product structure and button-style connection, so the technology has broad application prospects. Main use: applied to urban and rural open cut above 10KV high voltage transmission wires and cables cable pipe works. Common type is applied to sidewalks and green and with the laying, standard applies across the road paved, all without the need for concrete, seismic and pressure requirements are more demanding or replace the pipe across the bridge can be used to strengthen (sn50) special custom products.