Multi-cavity respirator introduction and single-wall corrugated pipe corrugated pipe production line use

Principle of production: online production both inside and outside through the appropriate molds for forming a smooth, corrugated bellows of uniform products. Single-wall corrugated pipe uses: single-wall corrugated pipe products used: medical applications, ventilators and anesthesia corrugated flexible tube, wire and cable Threading pipe, bridge pre-stressed corrugated pipe, washing machine drain, air conditioning drains, sewage collection pipe, vacuum tube, ventilation pipes, medical-grade bellows, and so on. Equipment description bellows forming machine for closed structures, and provide vacuum forming. Prototyping modules made of high quality alloy steel, in a closed tunnel as a whole through gear drives reciprocating motion. Tunnel design for sandwich, by uniform cooling force cooling module. Cemented carbide mould steel, wear-resistant to corrosion, forming module has no connection to each other, so reducing the time replacing.