Perforated corrugated pipe introduced

Perforated corrugated pipe is made from high density polyethylene (HDPE) and other additives, formed shape new seepage drainage plastic pipe corrugation, waterproof corrugated pipe is grooved by punching, acupuncture geotextile tubes around outsourcing and processed. Water permeable according to bellow types can be divided into single-wall corrugated pipe and corrugated double-wall permeable pipes. Due to the products of fabrication in trough in the and for strip shaped, effective of overcome has plane round hole products easy was jam and effect drainage effect of disadvantages, for different of drainage requirements, tube hole of size can for 10mmx1mm-30mmx3mm, and can in 360 degrees, and 270 degrees, and 180 degrees, and 90 degrees, range within uniform distribution, widely for Highway, and railway subgrade, and Metro engineering, and waste fill buried field, and tunnel, and green with, and playground and the moisture partial high caused of slope protection, drainage field, As well as agricultural, horticultural irrigation and drainage systems. It with soft pervious pipe, plastic blind drains of civil engineering construction (water seepage, drainage) in the three main products.