Protection and maintenance of machine cylinder screw

Machine tube of part in maintenance cleanup or other of maintenance machine tube of situation Xia, for machine tube demolition, its steps has: 1, and split lower bit block parts, release connection sets tight set screws, will connection sets back, and screw Rod off open; 2, and with screw Rod oil cold device Shi, will screw Rod cooling tubing from points oil device Shang split Xia; 3, and anti-clockwise rotating joins flange, while forward mobile machine tube, makes machine tube and distribution box from; 4, and horizontal mobile machine tube big end, makes screw Rod easily taking, machine tube easily cleanup maintenance. Screw Rod part put spent key link sets to distribution gear direction Hou push, makes card mouth big nut turned to distribution box upper and lower two block fan card circle of open location, turned machine frame front-end handwheel, makes machine tube parts back about 60mm (depending on models and variable), machine tube and screw Rod a exit, again to outside deflection must angle, with copper rod front-end light knock screw rod, will can demolition screw rod.