PVC wood-plastic skinning foamed Board production line development

Application of PVC skinning foamed Board: through, painting, printing, foil and hot-pressing equipment, can produce various kinds of wood products. Widely used in kitchen cabinets, bathroom and all kinds of high-end furniture, decorative materials, advertising vinyl material, cars, trains, ship interior materials. Skinning foamed Board production line: Luca (Celuka) foam technology. Equipment to the conical twin screw extruder, various plank mold (dual channel), vacuum forming and haul off auxiliary parts. Compare with free foam not only flat and smooth surface, have greater hardness and stiffness of the cortex, mechanical properties are superior free foam. Features: 1. host computer import frequency conversion speed, import table of temperature control temperature control, temperature control accuracy ± 1 ℃. 2. barrel adopts aluminum cast-coil heating and air cooling system cooling, heat quickly and evenly. 3. Select a different screw according to different formulas can be in order to achieve the best plasticizing effect. 4. the surface of the screw and barrel with double metal material processing, achieve the purpose of corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and extend the life of the extruder. 5. line adopts PLC control of micro-computer system, the operation is simple, stable and reliable operation.