The characteristics of PE board sheet production line

    Extrusion equipment: high efficiency single screw extruder, large output, 

high efficiency, with Omron temperature control table, ABB frequency control 

of motor speed, and other advanced technology, to reach the domestic advanced level.

    Type hanger die head with special double throttling design, make the board thickness 

is more accurate.

    Temperature control + / - 1 c to precisely control the plasticizing process and board 

thickness, smoothness.

    Three-roller calender machine adopts horizontal, vertical or tilting 45 degrees, free 

elevation ways.

    Board thickness control using screw adjustment and pressure wheel two-way control board


    Independent control of roller temperature control system can accurately control pressure 

roller plate temperature, uniform thickness. Precision shearing machine control can make board 

length precision control.

    Sheet winding machine adopts advanced torque motors, can be adjusted speed and winding tension 


    PE board sheet production line have automatic meter counter can be set products length freely.