Application Of Wood-plastic Building Templates

Wood-plastic building templates are replacing steel formwork and bamboo plywood new templates. With a light weight, impact resistance, Assembly, high turnover, with smooth surface, does not absorb moisture, not moldy, acid and alkali, do not crack, big, fewer seams, saw, nail, can be processed into any length and many other advantages. Can be repeatedly recycled, prices are far below the current wood template that is used in the construction industry, and has excellent flame retardant properties, to extinguish the fire, no smoke, no gas. Safety green is a new generation of energy-saving products. Edit the main indicators of the relevant provisions of the standard templates can load mechanical strength and other indicators. Main raw materials wood plastic, that wood plastic composite (Wood-Plastic Composites,WPC), is both at home and abroad in recent years boom rise of a new composite, refers to using polyethylene, and polypropylene and PVC,, instead of usually of resin adhesive, and over 35%-70% above of wood powder, and husk, and straw, waste fiber mixed into new of wood quality material, again by extrusion, and molded, and injection forming, plastic processing process, production out of plate or profile.