China Plastic Pipe Production Line Technology Development Potential Unlimited

China Plastic Pipe Production Line technology development potential unlimited

In recent years, Plastic Pipe Production Line and technology of China has made major breakthroughs in many aspects, such as the 2010 China's independent research and development manufacturing large success of polypropylene plastic pipe extrusion pelletizing production line put into production. At the same time, China's extrusion industry is aimed at new energy applications, the free and direct extrusion of PET chips, and the development of high-efficiency and energy-saving Plastic Pipe Production Lines, all of which have new products. Of course, we also want to see, extrusion industry in China is still faced with the challenge of nots allow to ignore, such as independent innovation technology, less pure price competition is still grim, etc, these have become the development of the industry. How will the future of China's extrusion industry develop? This is a topic for every Chinese Plastic Pipe Production Line technology supplier to think seriously.

As the key equipment for the production of polyolefin industry, large Plastic Pipe Production Line has become a chronic pain in China's plastics industry and China's petrochemical industry. China's petrochemical industry has had to rely on imports for a long period of time, with a massive polyolefin granulation system, which costs hundreds of millions of yuan. In 2007, the national development and reform commission (NDRC) set special planning, medium and long term development of ethylene industry is put forward to speed up the major technical equipment localization, ethylene industry industrialization process, key technology and equipment to achieve the key breakthrough, spanning development. As the core equipment of the downstream process of ethylene production, the extruding granulation unit of large Plastic Pipe Production Line is an important part of China's implementation of the localization of key ethylene equipment.

At the same time, the technical level of China's small and medium-sized twin-screw Plastic Pipe Production Line is progressing rapidly. The important indicators of plastic tube production line extruder, such as torque, speed, output, etc. Nanjing, for example, the rise in K2010 displayed SAT52 plastic pipe extruder production line adopts the independent development of high speed, high torque gearbox, torque up to 11 nm/cm3, this is the current mainstream technology of Plastic Pipe Production Line of the world's leading level; In K2010, nanjing chengau's plastic tube production line of 8.9 Nm/cm3 was displayed, with a speed of 800 RPM. Recently, the nanjing branch of the company, which opened in nanjing, China, positioning of Plastic Pipe Production Line technology directly into the international leading level, launched its new series Plastic Pipe Production Line, extrusion machine, supporting Germany imported reducer, torque can be up to 12 nm/cm3, control technology, automatic feeding technology, network technology are equipped with the highest level of technology at home and abroad.

Twin screw Plastic Pipe Production Line in China, of course, technology promotion, at the same time can not be ignored, the technology level of international leading manufacturers also rapidly improve, such as times as long on the latest K2010 ZSK82Mc18 Plastic Pipe Production Line, extrusion machine, torque up to 18 nm/cm3. Such technical level enables it to continue to maintain the leadership position in the Plastic Pipe Production Line area.

Nevertheless, the latest development of the extrusion line of Chinese Plastic Pipe Production Line is not difficult to see that the comprehensive breakthrough in the technology of China's Plastic Pipe Production Line is not far ahead.

More efficient and energy-saving new extrusion line

More efficient and energy-saving, it has always been the important direction of technology development of Plastic Pipe Production Line. The financial crisis has made the industry's pursuit of high efficiency and energy-saving technology more enthusiastic. The new type of extrusion line which focuses on improving efficiency, improving single machine capacity, occupying smaller space and more energy saving is becoming a hot spot in the market. Chinese suppliers are also introducing new products in their fields.