Development Prospect Of Plastic Extruder

Development prospect of Plastic Extruder

Plastic extrusion machinery enterprises in China in recent years stepped up to Plastic Extruder, new marketing brand awareness to further expand, further improve the market competitiveness, the proportion of exports to emerging countries will also be greatly promoted. At present, China's Plastic Extruder enterprise orders have recovered sharply, and the export growth is stable.

At present, the current development of plastic machinery industry in China is the problem of low level of independent innovation ability, low quality of high-end and personalized special products, and low concentration of industry. The existence of these problems lead to the plastics machinery industry in our country can't catch up with the advanced foreign plastic machinery as soon as possible, after long-term development, increasing international influence of China plastics machinery industry, the ability to cope with foreign trade protectionism, further improve the manufacturing technology level and overall strength, therefore, China's plastics extrusion machine industry in foreign trade export many powerful conditions.

In the future, the international influence of Plastic Extruder will continue to warm. Therefore, the development of Plastic Extruder industry still has great market space.

In most Plastic Extruders, the change of screw speed is realized by adjusting the motor speed. The motor usually turns at full speed around 1750rpm, but this is too fast for a Plastic Extruder. If you rotate at such a fast speed, you will have too much friction and the plastic is too short to produce a uniform, well stirred melt. The typical rate of deceleration is between 10:1 and 20:1. The first stage can be either a gear or a pulley block, but the second stage is geared and the screw is positioned at the last big gear center.

In order to make a single screw Plastic Extruder the solid particle conveyor reach the maximum, the particles should stick to the cylinder and slide onto the screw. If the particles stick to the root of the screw, nothing can pull them down; The volume of the channel and the volume of the solid is reduced. Another reason for the adhesion of the roots is that the plastic may be heated and produced in this area to produce gels and similar particles of pollution, or intermittent adhesion and interruption as the output speed changes.

At present, the development trend of double screw Plastic Extruder in the world is the development of high torque, high speed and low energy consumption, and the effect of high speed is high productivity. The split twin screw Plastic Extruder belongs to this category, and its rotational speed can be up to 500 RPM. Therefore, it has unique advantages in processing high viscosity and thermal sensitive materials.

In high speed, high torque on the core technology of asymmetric and symmetric high torque of gear box only German and Japanese manufacturers to master the core technology, the speed up to 1800 turn above, to master the core technology and the domestic market, sichuan containing only a science and technology, is now one of the main choice of the domestic high-end materials processing manufacturers, belong to the domestic independent innovation project is encouraged.