Disposal Of Plastic Sheet Production Line

Disposal of Plastic Sheet Production Line
⑴ plastic film production line outside the surface rough
Adjust the process temperature: reduce the cooling water temperature, PE pipe, the best cooling water temperature is 20 ~ 25 ℃; check the waterway, whether there is congestion or water pressure phenomenon; check the barrel, head and other heating ring is damaged; Water flow; consult raw material suppliers, the batch of raw material parameters; check the mold core temperature, if higher than the die section temperature, adjust the core temperature; clean up the mold;
⑵ plastic film production line outside the surface appears groove marks
Adjust the size of the nozzle set the water pressure, the amount of water required to balance; adjust the vacuum shaping box nozzle angle, so that the pipe cooling evenly; check the die, sizing sets, cutting machines and other hardware exist debris,
⑶ appear on the surface groove marks
Check the inner tube is the water, such as water will be just out of the die tube embryo pinching, so that the cavity closed; reduce the internal temperature of the mold; clean and polished mold;
⑷ inside the pipeline jitter ring
Adjust the two-chamber vacuum, so that the vacuum chamber is slightly higher than the vacuum before the chamber; check the vacuum seal is too tight; check whether the traction machine jitter phenomenon; check the host out Whether the material is uniform;
⑸ no vacuum
Check the vacuum pump inlet is blocked, such as clogging, with the needle dredge; check the vacuum pump work is normal; check the vacuum pipe has leak; check the core mold clamping screw in the middle of the hole is blocked, such as plug, with fine wire dredge;
⑹ pipe outside the size of the park
Adjust the size of the vacuum can change the size of the outer garden; adjust the traction speed can change the size of the outer garden;
⑺ pipe system degree of tolerance
Adjust the vacuum setting machine, spray the box nozzle angle, so that the pipe cooling evenly; check the vacuum setting machine, spray the water level inside the water level, pressure gauge pressure, so that large amount of spray; check the vacuum setting machine, Water temperature conditions, if> 35 ℃, need to configure the chilled water system or increase the spray cooling box; check the waterway, cleaning the filter; adjust the process; check and modify the sizing hole hole; adjust the pipe guide clamping device to correct The ellipticity of the pipe;
⑻ pipe wall thickness is not uniform
Adjust the wall thickness on the mold; adjust the vacuum shaping machine and spray the nozzle angle of the nozzle, so that the pipe cooling evenly; adjust the sizing set of water, so that the water evenly; open the mold, check the mold internal screws are loose and re-tightened;
⑼ plasticization temperature is too high
Adjust the process; adjust the mold core heating temperature, and the internal ventilation cooling mold;
⑽ cutting length is not accurate
Check the length of the wheel is tight; check whether the long wheel is swinging, and tighten the long wheel frame fixed bolt; check the cutting machine trip switch is damaged; check the rotary encoder is damaged; rotary encoder wiring whether the desoldering (aviation (PE terminal) should be grounded to a ground contact point to a ground, and the grounding point should be in line with the electrical grounding requirements of the ground pile, not allowed to stand alone (PE terminal) Connected in series after the ground, otherwise it will introduce interference pulse, causing cutting length is not allowed;