Domestic Market Of Plastic Sheet Production Line

Domestic market of Plastic Sheet Production Line
Plastic Sheet Production Line is also one of the main varieties of plastic machinery, accounting for 31% of the total output value of plastic machinery, and about 1/3 of the total amount of plastic products processed by extruding machine.
Single screw Plastic Sheet Production Line is an important position in plastic granulation machine and molding machine. In recent years, single screw extruder has a great development. At present, the production of large granules produced in Germany is made of single screw plastic sheet with a diameter of 700mm and a yield of 36t/h. The development of single screw extruder is mainly marked by the development of its key parts. In recent years, there have been a large number of theoretical and experimental researches on the screw rod, and there are nearly 100 kinds of screw bars, and the common ones are the separation type, the shear type, the barrier type, the flow type and the wave shape, etc. From the point of single screw development, although in recent years, single screw extruder has been perfect, but with the development of polymer materials and plastic products constantly, will emerge more characteristics of the new screw and special single screw Plastic Sheet Production Line. In general, single screw extruder is developed in high speed, high efficiency and special direction.
Double screw Plastic Sheet Production Line feed properties is good, suitable for powder processing, and are better than single screw extruder of mixing, exhaust, reaction and self-cleaning function, features of poor processing thermal stability of plastic and more shows its superiority when blending. In recent years, there has been a great development of plastic production line in foreign countries. The production lines of various types of plastic products have been serialized and commercialized.
(1) the relative position of the two axes is parallel and conical;
(2) with two screw meshing procedures, there are meshing and non-meshing types;
(3) in the direction of rotation of the two screws, there are the same direction and the different direction, and in the other direction, there are the points inward and outward;
(4) rotate speed by screw, have high speed and low speed;
(5) according to the structure of screw and cylinder, there is a whole and combination.
On the basis of the double screw Plastic Sheet Production Line, some manufacturers have developed Plastic Sheet Production Lines such as the planetary extruder in order to make it easier to process the mixture of thermal stability.
China Plastic Sheet Production Line product line product series not all, specification is less. Many plastics companies in China still use imported Plastic Sheet Production Lines. In the early 1990s, south China university of technology invented the electromagnetic dynamic Plastic Sheet Production Line, and the new theory and concept attracted attention.
Such as Plastic Sheet Production Line production is relatively concentrated in ningbo, hangzhou, zhejiang province, southern guangdong, Shanghai and jiangsu wuxi, ningbo region the most dramatic development momentum, has become China's largest production base of plastic production line, about 50% of the total Plastic Sheet Production Line in domestic production, a third of the world of plastic production line production; The extrusion line is relatively concentrated in the east of shandong, Shanghai, central wuhan and henan, the north of Beijing, dalian and other cities; Plastic weaving equipment mainly focuses on jiangsu changzhou and gansu lanzhou; The same twin screw extruder is mainly in nanjing, jiangsu province, lanzhou and dalian. The mixing equipment mainly in zhangjiagang in jiangsu province and parts of liaoning province; Most of the key components of extruded machine and Plastic Sheet Production Line are in zhoushan of zhejiang and nanjing in jiangsu province. However, various types of plastic mold are concentrated in huangyan area of zhejiang province and some parts of anhui province.