Effect Of Plastic Sheet Production Line On Pipe Fitting Production

Effect of Plastic Sheet Production Line on Pipe Fitting Production
Plastic Sheet Production Line is the necessary mechanical equipment to promote the production of PVC pipe fittings, but also to ensure product quality and improve production efficiency of the important factors, Plastic Sheet Production Line should be properly used.
Plastic Sheet Production Line is equipped with a quantitative feeding device, so that the extrusion volume and the amount of feed to match to ensure that products stable extrusion. Due to the characteristics of the conical screw, the feeding section has a large diameter, the material heat transfer area and shear rate is relatively large, is conducive to the plastic material, measuring the screw diameter is small, reducing the heat transfer area and the melt Of the shear rate, so that the melt can be squeezed at a lower temperature. Screw in the barrel when the rotation, Plastic Sheet Production Line PVC pipe fittings mixture of plastic materials into the nose, so as to achieve compaction, melting, mixing homogenization; and to achieve the purpose of exhaust, dehydration. Feeding device and screw drive device using frequency control, can achieve synchronous speed.
Extrusion die part of the PVC pipe pipe fittings are closed parts, which will be compaction, melting, mixing homogenized PVC, a follow-up material by the screw to the die, the product stereotypes and quality control.
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Plastic Sheet Production Line: The first step is to use the single-screw Plastic Sheet Production Line. And some sex workers in the use of this method) This method is low efficiency, low yield. Suitable for small batch production.
Double-screw Plastic Sheet Production Line Production: The first step is to pre-mix the ingredients (hot mix cold mix) to make the mixture better with the dispersion and pre-brush effect, while achieving a high apparent density. The second is to use a twin screw machine with a premix for direct extrusion profiles. Suitable for large-scale production needs.
Raw material mixing process analysis:
Plastic Mixing System is a high-speed mixing unit, hot mix pan and cold mix pot are equipped with import and export and sealed containers, equipped with motor-driven mixer, the purpose of Is a large component of the dispersion and stirring effect, cold mixed pot wall is generally equipped with a circulating cooling water system to strengthen the cooling through, to improve the production rate; cold mixed pot volume is at least twice the heat mixing pot, the larger volume of a negative Which facilitates the dispersion of the hot mix on the cooling and, on the other hand, prevents the cold mix from being discharged in time. After the hot mix and cold mix of raw materials called dry mix, the most basic requirements for the dry mix is a good dry mix and mixed batch between the stable and uniform, mixed do not boil dry mix (such as hot mix Or too), through the Plastic Sheet Production Line process adjustment is difficult to produce good products.
Because Plastic Sheet Production LinePVC resin is a kind of thermosensitive plastic, its light stability is poor, under the action of heat and light, the branch occurs HCI reaction, polyene structure molecules, when the main chain appears when the number of double bonds is not too much Micro-color, hydrogen chloride will first react with the surrounding potential of the acid reaction of the material, and the conjugate double bond into the PVC molecular chain within the new active position, caused by light into macromolecule free radical, Plastic Sheet Production Line is easy to suffer Oxidation, resulting in color change.
PVC resin in a certain number of low-low molecular weight components, reducing the thermal stability of the polymer, PVC decomposition mechanism of free radical mechanism, ion mechanism, single molecular mechanism, PVC decomposition in addition to stabilizers may also be PVC The impact of the quality of the resin itself, such as whether there is too much residue in the PVC resin.
Plastic Sheet Production Line If there is some impurities in the polymer, such as the addition of initiator, catalyst, acid, alkali, etc. in the polymerization process, or the absorption of moisture during storage and transportation, will reduce the stability of the polymer The Because these substances can cause molecular-ion degradation reaction, CPE contains more Cl2, HCl and other low molecular substances, easy to accelerate the thermal decomposition of resin. Therefore, the stability of the poor PVC + CPE system, by increasing the amount of stabilizer can also eliminate some of the profile yellowing problem.