Extrusion System Of Plastic Pipe Production Line

Extrusion system of Plastic Pipe Production Line
The extrusion system consists of screws, barrels, hoppers, heads, and molds. Plastic Pipe Production Line Plastic is extruded into a uniform melt by squeezing the system and under pressure established by this process, Out of the head.
Screw: is the most important part of Plastic Pipe Production Line, which is directly related to the application range and productivity of Plastic Pipe Production Line, made of high strength corrosion resistant alloy steel.
Barrel: is a metal cylinder, generally with heat, high compressive strength, durable wear, corrosion-resistant alloy steel or alloy steel alloy made of composite steel pipe. Barrel and screw to achieve the plastic crushing, softening, melting, plasticizing, exhaust and compaction, and Plastic Pipe Production Line forming system continuous uniform transport of rubber. The length of the general barrel is 15 to 30 times its diameter, so that the plastic is fully heated and fully plasticized to the principle.
Hopper: The bottom of the hopper is equipped with a truncation device to adjust and cut the material. The side of the hopper is equipped with a viewing hole and a calibration metering device.
Nose and die: the nose is made of alloy steel inner sleeve and carbon steel jacket. The machine head is equipped with forming mold. The action of the head is to convert the plastic melt of the rotary motion into parallel linear motion, And give plastic to the necessary molding pressure. Plastic pipe Production Line Plastic in the barrel of plastic compaction, the porous filter plate along a certain flow through the nose of the head into the nose forming mold, mold core sleeve with the appropriate cross-section to form a continuous reduction of the annular gap, so that Plastic Pipe Production Line Plastic melt forms a continuous, dense tubular coating around the core. In order to ensure that the plastic channel within the machine is reasonable, to eliminate the accumulation of plastic dead ends, often placed a shunt sleeve, to eliminate the pressure when the plastic extrusion fluctuations, but also set the pressure ring. The head is also equipped with a mold correction and adjustment of the device, easy to adjust and correct the core and die sets of concentricity.
Plastic Pipe Production Line In accordance with the direction of the head flow and the angle of the screw center line, the machine head is divided into bevel head (angle 120o) and right angle head. The head of the nose is fixed with bolts on the fuselage, the mold inside the die has a core sitting, and fixed with a nut in the nose into the line port, the core seat in front of a core, core and core The center of the hole, for the core, in front of the nose with a pressure ring, for the balance of pressure, Plastic Pipe Production Line squeeze the molding part of the mold by the mold and mold sets, mold sleeve position by the bolt Through the support to adjust to adjust the mold sleeve on the relative position of the core, easy to adjust the uniformity of the thickness of squeeze crust, Plastic Pipe Production Line head equipped with heating devices and temperature devices.
From the single screw Plastic Pipe Production Line works is not difficult to see that plastic in the extruder in the plastic, forward squeeze the main source of power from the feeding section of the solid transport, and the degree of plasticity is mainly dependent on the plastic The structure of the segment and the resistance of the head die. In order to improve the conventional single-screw extruder mixing effect, there have been many new screw structures, such as separate screw, barrier screw, pin screw, dis screw, wavy screw and so on. These new screw and mixing elements, in the course of work, on the one hand can provide large strain, high shear, and constantly adjust the flow of the interface orientation, so that with the shear direction at the best angle; the other hand, Can break the ring two-phase flow, the solid-liquid phase together, and the melt flow to segment, increase the interface, upset the conventional screw melt steady flow, which greatly facilitates the melt homogenization, The effect.
At present, the application of more new Plastic Pipe Production Line screw structure is the screw section of the leveling section of the front section of the barrier section, another plastic Pipe Production Line structure is in the front of the screw set some irregular pins, thus disrupting the melt Flow patterns, divided into multiple streams, and then re-combination.