How To Cool The Plastic Sheet Production Line

How to cool the Plastic Sheet Production Line
Plastic film production lines are usually the use of air-cooled way to cool the equipment, then the hot summer sometimes the temperature will not fall down then how do we do? First of all, the temperature is not down because the outside temperature is too high can be installed in the room temperature on the indoor temperature and then through the fan on the screw barrel air-cooled. And then one is to increase the air flow for large air volume fan or high-power fan to blow the equipment to ensure that the air flow to enhance, so you can also drop the temperature of the extruder. We say that the air-cooled Plastic Sheet Production Line, if it is water-cooled Plastic Sheet Production Line, then if the temperature drop down can be equipped with a chiller on the circulating water for a mandatory cooling, as long as the water channel can not block the plastic chip production line screw screw temperature drop Down.
The role of the feed frame of the Plastic Sheet Production Line is to force the rubber into a device in the barrel. The Plastic Sheet Production Line is a process of plasticizing and further processing the rubber in the barrel through the rotation of the screw. The role of the feed line in the production line of the plastic sheet is critical because in the case of insufficient production of the product, the product can not be molded or the surface of the product is not smooth. The other is if the equipment is not uniform feeding can not guarantee the continuity of the product uniformity of the size of the product size varies. So the Plastic Sheet Production Line feeding seat is a very critical part of the Plastic Sheet Production Line feeding seat design to ensure that the product in the production of rubber no less than leakage, eat glue evenly, you can ensure that the die at the molding pressure is a qualified product.
We know that Plastic Sheet Production Line in the actual production of a wide range of applications, then we buy plastic film production line to pay attention to what? First of all, we must buy the equipment in the extrusion machine when the inquiry, and in the manufacturer to send the quotation at the same time will be attached to the technical parameters of a table, we must see whether the removal of this parameter configuration The production of our products can decide whether to buy equipment. First, the aspect ratio of the Plastic Sheet Production Line reflects the plasticizing ability of the equipment. Some of the plastic materials which are not easy to be plasticized are required to have a large aspect ratio. The other is to see whether the basic parts manufacturers of Plastic Sheet Production Lines are some big brands, Whether to live by. Another point is to see whether the power of the equipment to meet the equipment on the production of the product, sometimes there will be some big cattle pull carts or Mavericks pull the situation, so the equipment configuration is unreasonable.
Plastic production line in the production of the time for the temperature requirements are very strict, in the actual production we have to always pay attention to the Plastic Sheet Production Line screw screw temperature to produce. Plastic Sheet Production Line in the boot after the first need to preheat the equipment to be able to feed, because the finished product is now the Plastic Sheet Production Line are cold feed Plastic Sheet Production Line, before the formal production if not preheat will affect the rubber Of the plasticizing performance and can not produce. The preheating temperature of each rubber is not the same according to the actual production experience to operate, when the extruder after work with the rubber and the screw between the friction between the screw will lead to some self-production temperature, and This will make the temperature of the device higher and higher, when the temperature rose to a certain value will make the rubber in the barrel before the vulcanization and can not complete the production. So we have to cool the equipment, Plastic Sheet Production Line is usually the use of water cooling the way the device temperature control. So when the temperature reaches our set value will be opened after the cold water into the barrel of the water jacket to cool the equipment.