Plastic Classification Introduction Profile Production Line

Plastic profile extrusion technology of coextrusion material before the State can be divided into a total of extrusion and co-extrusion after two. Ex-squeeze refers to two kinds of materials is not fully implemented in the process of forming composite molding; a total of extrusion is a material after you have fully formed, again with another material forming. Total advantage of being able to use waste from the crowded, better economy. Plastic profile extrusion process according to different extrusion material can be classified as organic co-extrusion and inorganic co-extrusion of two types. Organic co-extruded co-extrusion before contains the same material (such as fine and mixed with recycled ex-squeeze) and ex-squeeze of different materials (such as PMMA and PVC co-extruded before) and after the hard and soft PVC co-extruded; inorganic aluminum-plastic compound extrusion can be divided into co-extruded plastic and steel coextruded.