Plastic Extruder Operation Precautions

Plastic Extruder operation precautions
Plastic Extruder has a control system, and then through the Plastic Extruder, nose, stereotypes cooling system, traction machine, cutting equipment and turning frame composition. The extrusion principle of the Plastic Extruder is the use of a screw with a bevel thread in the heated barrel rotation, the material sent in the hopper to squeeze forward, so that the plastic gradually heated, even plastic plastic extrusion, through Head and mold forming. Plastic Extruder in the actual operation of the process to pay attention to the following points:
1, before starting to check whether the heating ring is intact, thermocouple is inserted, the temperature is accurate.
2, start to be heated to reach the set temperature of the process temperature and insulation after a certain time to start. To prevent damage to the motor, screw and other components.
3, the host must first start running at low speed for several minutes, the barrel of the last remaining fritters, until the melt pressure and the host current to stabilize before the speed, so as to avoid spray material injury personnel.
4, equipment operation at any time to observe the temperature, current, melt pressure and other parameters. And observe the motor, gear box fever, there are abnormal when the time to identify the reasons and be excluded.
5, the heating time depending on the size of the nose, 63 machine head not less than 3 hours, 250 head is not less than 6 hours, 450 head is not less than 8 hours.
6, the choice of mold: According to product specifications to select the appropriate mold, if the mold is not appropriate to the production will bring difficulties.
7, mold protection: mold quality determines the quality of the product, the mold material is generally die steel, the surface for chrome treatment, poor hardness. So in the disassembly and handling process must be protected, can not have scratches and collision. Mold generally can not be placed directly on the ground, should be placed on rubber or wood is appropriate. Replace the mold can not use a hard weapon to beat.
8, the core mold of the concentricity of the adjustment: the real wall tube production line of the core mold to follow the "loose thin thick" principle. Is to loosen the screws in the direction of the small interval, tighten the gap in the direction of the big screws.
9, the protection of the heating ring: In general, the use of heating ring is very long, often in the process of disassembly damage, therefore, the heating ring in the demolition process to be extra careful.
China's energy distribution is not only the geographical distribution of the total difference is obvious, and even the geographical differences in the distribution of species is more obvious, and Plastic Extruders, Plastic Extruders and other plastic machinery on the energy demand is very large, because the plastic needs high temperature, so plastic The cost of energy in the granulation industry has become the second largest cost of plastic granulation in raw materials.
Now the Plastic Extruder on the market to form a mainly electric heating, coal heating and natural gas heating of Plastic Extruder, supplemented by the pattern. Although the electric heating Plastic Extruder in the country has been widely promoted, and now the market formed a Plastic Extruder to the main electric heating. However, the difference in electricity tariffs across the country, especially in the eastern part of the power shortage and the western region with abundant energy, the difference between the northern thermal power and the southern hydropower is particularly evident, so in some areas of power shortage and high tariffs to promote the use of local advantages of energy The heated Plastic Extruder is particularly necessary. Natural gas, such as Sichuan, Shaanxi, Xinjiang and other places to promote natural gas heating Plastic Extruder or other plastic machinery, high coal production in Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Liaoning, and northern Shaanxi to promote coal heating Plastic Extruder, can be combined with the local Advantages of resources, reduce energy costs, for users to create more value, to provide product competitiveness.
At present, coal heating and natural gas heating of the Plastic Extruder has gradually out of the market stage, on the one hand the existence of security for the problem, on the one hand the heating problem can not be precisely controlled. Chengdu Universal Universal Plastic Extruder research and development of Plastic Extruder, using the latest technology of high-frequency electromagnetic heater. High-frequency energy-saving electromagnetic induction heater (referred to as electromagnetic induction heater, high-frequency heater) using magnetic field induced current (also known as eddy current) heating principle, through electronic means of conventional power frequency rectifier and inverter, resulting in high frequency Of the alternating magnetic field, when the metal material is within the magnetic field, it will produce eddy heat and heat, to replace the traditional way of heating.