Plastic Extruder To Achieve Waste Recycling

Plastic Extruder to achieve waste recycling
    Now, China's demand for plastic products continues to increase, a lot of energy is consumed, and waste plastics recycling and recycling, which is now a low-carbon economy to promote the needs of society, but also an urgent need to face. The emergence of Plastic Extruder can be said to be "timely", and for the industry itself, this is a very good opportunity, a good business opportunities.
Plastic Extruder to achieve waste recycling
    The origin of all industries are inseparable from the management approach, the recent waste plastics processing market for environmental safety and rectification operations carried out in full swing. Recycled Plastic Extruder technology is lacking, the scale of small workshops will face the survival pressure. Produced products is not standardized, will need to face punishment and social accountability. The recycled plastics extruder industry also needs to improve production technology, reduce environmental pollution, the product quality and energy efficiency to take into account the pursuit of more comprehensive, more coordinated and more sustainable development, and thus from a single, high consumption Can the production mode, embarked on a combination of intelligent production mode of the road.
    In the context of China's strong advocacy of environmental protection, recycled Plastic Extruder industry came into being, in order to achieve the recycling of waste plastics recycling, recycled plastic extrusion machine has become a waste plastic recycling cycle must pass through the road.
    A large number of data show that China's plastics industry is now in a recovery of the number and total production of a serious imbalance in the state, that if not for effective recycling and recycling again, China's ecological environment will form a huge pollution, Annual energy consumption. Therefore, the emergence of recycled plastics industry is no doubt, and for the recycled Plastic Extruder industry, this is a business opportunity.
    Through the 2011 "Solid Waste Management Measures", 2012 "waste plastics processing and utilization of pollution prevention and management regulations" and in April 2013 began to implement the "Regulations on the management of environmental protection of imported waste plastics," a series of ways, we provide Can be drawn: the state frequently introduced policy management of plastic recycling industry, which reflects the industry in China's low carbon economy in the important position, but also shows that China's recycled plastics industry began to normalize forward, the industry's development prospects Open, and Plastic Extruder will begin to mature.
 In order to reflect the extrusion of the Plastic Extruder head, it is necessary to detect the head pressure at the time of extrusion. Since the domestic Plastic Extruder does not have a head pressure sensor, it is generally a measure of the thrust after the extrusion of the screw Measurement, screw load meter (ammeter or voltmeter) can correctly reflect the size of the extrusion pressure.
  Extrusion pressure fluctuation is also one of the important factors that cause the extrusion quality of Plastic Extruder. The fluctuation of extrusion pressure is closely related to the extrusion temperature, the use of cooling device, the length of continuous operation time and so on.
    When the abnormal phenomenon, can be ruled out the rapid elimination of the need to re-organize the production should be decisive downtime, not only can avoid the increase in waste, more to prevent the occurrence of the accident.
 In recent years, some small and medium-sized Plastic Extruder production enterprises using the inverter technology on the Plastic Extruder hydraulic system energy-saving transformation, a significant reduction in the production of plastic energy consumption, thereby significantly reducing the injection of Production costs, to the enterprise to bring considerable economic benefits.
    Working ginseng Plastic Extruder in a working cycle with the hydraulic system are closely related to the main working parameters of injection pressure, injection rate, clamping force, holding pressure and so on. Injection pressure is to overcome the molten material flow through the nozzle, flow channel and mold cavity when the flow resistance to ensure that the filling stability, to ensure that the precision of injection molding products and an important factor in the pass rate. When the screw diameter is constant, the size of the injection pressure is determined by the hydraulic system. The injection rate is a parameter that characterizes the melt filling the cavity of the mold, which directly affects the quality and productivity of the product, and its size is controlled by the working oil flow of the injection cylinder. The clamping force is the maximum clamping force that can be applied to the mold by the Plastic Extruder mold clamping mechanism. It is the parameter of the nominal Plastic Extruder with the injection amount. For the hydraulic-toggle type clamping device, The size of the force is determined by the hydraulic system and the toggle mechanism. For full hydraulic clamping devices, the clamping force is determined by the hydraulic system of the Plastic Extruder.