Plastic Profile Production Line In China There Are Still Many Problems

Plastic Profile Production Line in China there are still many problems
China's Plastic Profile Production Line since the development of the industry, although the progress of the rapid development, but the overall level of Plastic Profile Production Line from the enterprise, there are still many problems, mainly low concentration of industry, enterprise structure is irrational, backward product structure, Grade is not high.
    And many plastic profiles production line production technology is low, the development capacity is not strong, there is no formation of independent intellectual property rights of the technology development system, in addition, the lower level of management is also a major problem, which will greatly reduce business efficiency.
    To this end, the plastic pipe production industry is responsible for providing basic raw materials, important products and technical equipment of the task. In the national economic construction in an important position, China's accession to the WTO, faced with the largest foreign high profile products to enter the impact of a large number of China's market.
    Plastic pipe material is plastic, Plastic Profile Production Line and China in December 11, 2001 to join the World Trade Organization, as a member of the plastic raw material tariffs in 2008 has been reduced to 6.5%. Plus non-tariff measures to reduce or eliminate the plastic Pipe market has a greater impact.
    The plastic products industry, should speed up the restructuring and pace of enterprise restructuring, improve production concentration, reduce costs, improve overall competitiveness, enhance wind resistance. Must be aimed at the international advanced level, the use of advanced technology, and further increase the adjustment efforts to optimize the variety structure, as soon as possible to improve product quality and grade, and better meet market demand.
    To carry out various forms of international cooperation, and further expand the scale of the use of foreign capital. To promote China's petrochemical, light, building materials, plastic pipe fittings and other large and medium-sized enterprises and foreign multinational companies to further cooperation, and actively introduce foreign capital, advanced technology and management experience, improve enterprise technology, management level and economic benefits.
Plastic Profile Production Line failure
⑴ Plastic Profile Production Line outside the surface rough
Adjust the process temperature: reduce the cooling water temperature, PE pipe, the best cooling water temperature is 20 ~ 25 ℃; check the waterway, whether there is congestion or water pressure phenomenon; check the barrel, head and other heating ring is damaged; Water flow; consult raw material suppliers, the batch of raw material parameters; check the mold core temperature, if higher than the die section temperature, adjust the core temperature; clean up the mold;
⑵ Plastic Profile Production Line outside the surface groove marks
Adjust the size of the nozzle set the water pressure, the amount of water required to balance; adjust the vacuum shaping box nozzle angle, so that the pipe cooling evenly; check the die, sizing sets, cutting machines and other hardware exist debris,
⑶ appear on the surface groove marks
Check the inner tube is the water, such as water will be just out of the die tube embryo pinching, so that the cavity closed; reduce the internal temperature of the mold; clean and polished mold;
 With the continuous development of the market, more and more products into production, plastic profiles production line also will continue to research and development upgrades, more in line with modern construction and engineering requirements, improve the level of technology, product quality safe and reliable, the overall development prospects are very broad.
    China's Plastic Profile Production Line industry in the development of the same time, some problems are increasingly exposed. In particular, the variety of raw materials, the quality of instability, price fluctuations, the lack of special materials, product quality can not be guaranteed, product structure, production scale is unreasonable, production equipment, product quality is generally poor, management confusion, standards, Set, and other serious lag, poor matching, can not meet the development needs and lack of practical testing and other factors seriously hampered the further development of the industry and improve the quality.