PVC Plastic Pipe Production Process

PVC plastic pipe extrusion of single screw extruders, twin screw extruder can also be used. Two extrusion molded plastic with a slightly different production routes. (1) single screw Rod extrusion machine extrusion forming PVC tube production process order extrusion forming tube materials by formula requirements measurement → high-speed hot mixed raw materials → mixed uniform material cooling cooling → made grain → extrusion machine put raw materials plastic of is melting State → mold forming tube billet → cooling stereotypes → pipe cooling cooling → traction → cutting → spread mouth → check quality →-check pounds storage (2) Twin-screw extruder extrude PVC pipe extrusion pipe production order material according to the formula requires measuring high-speed hot mixed raw material → → cooling → mixed material extruder plastic raw material is molten → cool → setting → molding tube pipe cooling → traction → cutting → flaring → quality → weighing storage.