PVC Plate Production In Plate Why Zoom

For now, there is not a perfect mechanical without any problem, but fortunately we were able to continue to solve the problem. Problems in production is not terrible, terrible was unable to solve the problem. PPR pipe extrusion line pipes appear in focus track is a common problem, here's a look at its causes. If the surface of the pipe in the PPR production line zoom is one of the most common problems. Due to variety of factors causing the zoom is also more common reason is that the temperature is too high, which is the temperature of the body and head, so pay attention to temperature control during the production process. If impurities in the production can also lead to the occurrence of this phenomenon, head is the main location of impurities, filters, or aggregates. Before each production must pay attention to check health. Clearing may influence of impurity. Zoom not only because of equipment problems, of course, material stability, stabilizer dose is not appropriate may also lead to such a result.