Qingdao Longchangjie Machine Co.,Ltd Has Developed New Type Of HDPE Plastic-steel Large Diameter Hollow Wall Winding Pipe Production Line

    HDPE large diameter hollow wall winding pipe has a light weight, good applicability and high temperature impact, corrosion resistance, good chemical stability, long service life, and many other advantages. 

    Nearly ten years this pipe has been widely used in the municipal drainage and underground drainage engineering. Qingdao Longchangjie machine co.,ltd has developed new type of HDPE plastic-steel large diameter hollow wall winding pipe production line, which not only produce the low ring stiffness single-walled winding pipe, and also can produce high ring stiffness plastic-steel composite winding pipe and plastic hollow wall winding pipe. 

    These three kinds of pipes can make by one machine with different ring stiffness products, which meet the requirements of different markets and different application scope, greatly reducing the equipment investment for the customer. 

    Meanwhile we can also provide equipment upgrade for customers, only need to increase the steel strip rolling machine, coating glue machine and some moulds can transform the original HDPE hollow wall winding pipe machine to plastic-steel large diameter hollow wall winding pipe machine. 

    For original hollow wall winding pipe machine users provides a convenience, opens up a new market, meets the environment requirement of high stiffness pipe.