Reasonable Operation Procedure Of Plastic Extruder

Reasonable operation procedure of Plastic Extruder

Plastic Extruder is a common mechanical equipment, plastic extrusion line hold good extruder operation main points, correct and reasonable use of extrusion to improve production efficiency and prolong its service life. The following is a detailed description of the reasonable operation procedure of the Plastic Extruder:

1, plastic extrusion machine after constant temperature can drive a car, before driving the nose and extruder flange bolts should be tightened again, in order to eliminate the differences in thermal expansion bolt and the nose, the order of the head bolt is diagonal tightened, the strength should be uniform.

2. When the Plastic Extruder is operated, select the "ready to drive" button, then "drive" button, then slowly rotate the screw speed adjusting knob, and the screw speed will start slowly. And then we're going to pick up a little bit more. When adding material, pay close attention to the instructions of the main engine current meter and various indicators.

When Plastic Extruder is operated, no person should stand in front of the plastic profile before the Plastic Extruder is extruded, so as to prevent the damage caused by bolts or the wet release of raw materials. When the plastic is extruded from the head of the machine, it is necessary to slowly cool the extruder and introduce the traction device and mold, and start the device. Then, according to the instruction of the control instrument and the requirement of the extruder, all parts should be adjusted accordingly to make the whole Plastic Extruder operation to the normal state.

3. The cutting material is evenly distributed and well molded. Plasticizing degree of judgment by experience, generally can be judged by the appearance of the extrusion materials, namely, surface luster, without impurities, no foam, coke and discoloration, extrusion materials by hand to squeeze fine to a certain extent without burr, fissure, have certain elasticity, show material plasticizing order at this time. If malplasticization can adjust the screw speed, cylinder and head temperature properly, until the requirement is reached.

4. During the operation of the Plastic Extruder, it is necessary to check whether the various technological parameters are normal in accordance with the process requirements and fill in the process record list. Check the quality of the profile products according to the quality inspection standard, find the problem and take the solution timely.

The plastic extrusion machinery enterprises in our country in recent years, increased for extruder, new marketing brand awareness to further expand, further improve the market competitiveness, the proportion of exports to emerging countries will also be greatly promoted. At present, China's Plastic Extruder enterprise orders have recovered sharply, and the export growth is stable.

At present, the current development of Plastic Extruder industry in China is the problem of low level of independent innovation ability, low quality of high-end and personalized special products, and low concentration of industry. The existence of these problems lead to the plastics machinery industry in our country can't catch up with the advanced foreign Plastic Extruder as soon as possible, after long-term development, increasing international influence of China plastics machinery industry, the ability to cope with foreign trade protectionism, further improve the manufacturing technology level and overall strength, therefore, the extruder industry in our country in foreign trade export a lot of strong conditions.

In the future, the international influence of Plastic Extruder will continue to warm. Therefore, the development of extruder industry still has great market space.