Structure And Function Of Plastic Extruder

Structure and Function of Plastic Extruder
The Plastic Extruder barrel is the same as the screw in the extrusion press system and is an important part of the Plastic Extruder. Barrel and screw with the work, the barrel contains the screw, screw rotation in the barrel. When the screw rotation to promote the movement of plastic in the barrel forward, due to the external heating of the barrel to heat the tube to the plastic, plus the screw on the screw volume gradually reduced, so that the thread inside the plastic received squeeze, flip and shear And other forces after the role of uniform mixing plastic, moving toward the front of the barrel at the same time, gradually melt was viscous flow, to complete the plastic plastic. Barrel and screw with the normal work to ensure that the extruder continuous extrusion molding raw materials production.
Plastic Extruder Due to the characteristics of the conical screw, the feeding section has a large diameter, the material heat transfer area and shear rate is relatively large, is conducive to the plastic material, measuring the screw diameter is small, reducing the heat transfer area And the shear rate of the melt so that the melt can be extruded at a lower temperature. Screw in the barrel when the rotation, the PVC mixture plasticized to the nose, so as to achieve compaction, melting, mixing homogenization; and to achieve the purpose of exhaust, dehydration. Feeding device and screw drive device using frequency control, can achieve synchronous speed.
Due to the inconvenience of the Plastic Extruder, it is possible to detect the degree of wear of the threaded element and the inner sleeve of the barrel at any time, so that it can be effectively repaired or replaced. It is not found in the extrusion product problems, resulting in unnecessary waste. In the equipment maintenance, the ordinary twin-screw extruder often have to first heat, cooling system removed, and then the whole out of the screw. And split-type twin-screw is not used, as long as the release of a few bolts, turn the worm box handle device lift the upper part of the barrel to open the entire barrel, and then repair. This shortens the maintenance time and reduces the labor intensity.
Plastic Extruder in the use of six months after the time to conduct a comprehensive inspection, check all the tightening of the screw. If the sudden power outage in the production, the main drive and heating to stop, when the resumption of power supply, the cylinder must be re-heated to the provisions of the temperature and insulation for some time before the start of the extruder.
It is forbidden to extend your finger into the inlet at the start of the Plastic Extruder, and the auxiliary tool must be used for feeding. Do not move or damage the warning signs installed on the machine. Excessive fatigue, drinking or taking drugs that affect the central nervous system after the ban on job. Work, we must concentrate, not allowed to look around, whispering, string Kong chat with others or play play. Please wear work clothes and safety equipment before work. No unit or individual may dismantle or alter any safety protection device without the permission of the safety department. Special work If you need two or more people to complete, should be unified command, pay attention to mutual coherence.
For Plastic Extruders, it can be said that the production of Plastic Extruder factory is very common, almost certainly in all the accessories, but only the screw this device is the most widely used. At the same time, with the screw Plastic Extruder application value gradually increased for people to pay attention.
Basic daily life, many customers require the life of the Plastic Extruder, because this machine as long as you have the best and powerful screw. But now, the quality of the screw is getting more stringent, if not screw extruder, then a lot of screws are less than real life and work. After all, in practice, some of the basic properties of the screw are a clear specification, but the specification will depend on the Plastic Extruder manufacturer.
The customer gets some good screw, very eager to deal with the quality of the screw only through the realization of the Plastic Extruder. In the number of customers, now people's point of view at the same time, the quality of high-quality screw to determine the quality of the batch of products, but also determine the extent of the sale of such goods. Therefore, in the production of screw Plastic Extruder, the quality of the screw to provide the necessary protection, but also brought a very large profit customers.