The Forming Principle Of Plastic Extruder

The forming principle of Plastic Extruder
 Plastic Extruder is made according to the requirements of plastic products extrusion molding materials formula, the various meet the requirements of the main materials, materials metering, according to the process requirements, the order of mixing into the mixer mixing until a variety of blends mixed evenly , Mixed with the raw materials cooled by cold mixing, into the Plastic Extruder hopper, the hopper of the raw materials through the barrel of the feed inlet into the Plastic Extruder barrel (on the PVC powder, should be mixed by the first Squeeze out the granulation, and then into the Plastic Extruder).
   And then in the Plastic Extruder in the rotation of the screw, the raw material is forced to the front of the barrel, due to the barrel in front of a filter, perforated plate and forming mold resistance, coupled with the screw thread volume gradually reduced, so that the machine The resistance of the raw material moving forward in the cylinder increases with the increase of the amount of the front material, that is, the pressure of the raw material is getting bigger and bigger, and the raw material is affected by the heating outside the barrel and the barrel is extruded and sheared The role of mixing, coupled with the raw material and the barrel and the work of the friction between the screw and the interaction between the raw material molecules, friction and other conditions, so that the raw material in the barrel temperature gradually increased, the physical state also gradually by the glass Into a high-elastic melt, and finally become viscous flow, to achieve complete plasticization, the screw has been kept constant rotation, then the plasticized uniform melt equal pressure, the same amount from the molding die extrusion, forming the shape of the product , And then by the cooling stereotypes, according to a certain length of curl or cut, that is completed the extrusion molding of plastic products production. Above is the Plastic Extruder plastic molding process and the production process.
 Plastic Extruder is the main machinery and equipment used in the production of plastic products. Plastic Extruder specifications, structure and manufacturing quality selection application is reasonable, will directly affect the length of life of Plastic Extruder, the level of production efficiency and the quality of the product, the corresponding will also affect the production costs of plastic products , So the choice of Plastic Extruder and the use of maintenance to pay attention.
 1. Plastic Extruder extrusion products specifications are different materials are not the same, select the Plastic Extruder specifications models.
2. After the type and specification of the Plastic Extruder is determined, it is also a matter of attention in selecting the equipment manufacturer
3. Plastic Extruder production line on the corresponding supporting equipment and the ability to work with each machine to match, so that the equipment can give full play to its functional role, to ensure that the production line equipment to coordinate the work.
4. In the use of Plastic Extruder, in order to ensure that the plastic extrusion machine in the best conditions for a long time to work for the Plastic Extruder with the corresponding skilled operation of skilled workers, is also an important guarantee conditions. Require Plastic Extruder production operators have to have skilled operating skills, but also to understand the structure of the equipment, functional and processing products specifications and production capacity; also should know how to carry out the maintenance of equipment. For the use of new workers, must be operational technical training, so that they memorize the equipment operating procedures; practical training, after passing the examination, to work independently
5. Plastic Extruder to have a good working environment, the production workshop equipment to moisture, anti-corrosion, anti-stress and anti-sand.