The Plastic Sheet Production Line Market Maintained A Small Upward Trend

The Plastic Sheet Production Line market maintained a small upward trend

In recent years, with the development and development of auxiliary equipment and die technology, extrusion line has gradually become the main force in China's plastic production line market. PVC profile and its subsequent processing equipment, film and pipe production technology and equipment, all kinds of cable coating technology in China have mature technology can provide.

China has to markets at home and abroad to provide 3 to 7 layers multifunctional composite film production line, three layer composite chemical packaging structural film production lines, all kinds of agricultural film and shed film production line and geomembrane production such as extrusion blown film production line. In addition, the production techniques of various flow films and unidirectional and bidirectional stretch films have also been developed, and can provide 5 layers of composite or more than 5 meters of extrusion flow film production line.

Plastic pipe can meet the needs of the construction and public works projects in plastic substitute steel and plastic cement. Pipe production technology in China has been attention by the global market at home and abroad to provide all kinds of solid core pipe, corrugated pipe, aluminum-plastic compound pipe, polyethylene crosslinking, hot and cold water pipes, all kinds of marketing administration water supply and drainage pipe, wire and cable to protect casing, ultra high molecular weight, porous ducts, sound sewer pipe production line, etc.

Plastic Sheet Production Line market due to the expanding of application market and technological breakthroughs, still can maintain a small change in the momentum on the whole, but the domestic Plastic Sheet Production Line market prices have been hard to avoid, churning out and price war has affected the whole image of the molding machine and domestic market competition, also hindered the development of plastic processing industry.

The future market of Plastic Sheet Production Line and production line will be developed in the direction of high technology and lower price. Domestic host now basically with conical double screw Plastic Sheet Production Line and single screw Plastic Sheet Production Line is given priority to, technology is mature, the market sales is the largest, but this kind of product has an oversupply of general specifications, can only maintain the market peak of 50% ~ 50%. The main focus of the main engine is to develop parallel and double screw Plastic Sheet Production Line, which is suitable for the extrusion of large extrusion.

The prospect of the plastic film production line is flourishing. Around the world, the types of plastics machinery is mainly composed of injection molding machine, plastic line/extrusion and blow molding machine production line of three categories of commodities, they are more than 80% of the total output value of the plastic machinery, the popularity of the shopping mall at the top. Compared with the two years, China plastic machinery industry has been able to compare and contrast, and the Plastic Sheet Production Line has also made a lot of progress and break. Plastic Sheet Production Line and production line will be in the future direction of efficient energy conservation and sustainable development.

Plastic Sheet Production Line, barrel mall because of using the mall expanded and skills on the break, on the whole, still can insist on rose slightly, but a huge decline in domestic Plastic Sheet Production Line market quotation is hard to avoid, to cut corners and price war has affected all image and market competitiveness of the domestic molding machine, also prevent the development of the plastics processing industry.

Plastic Sheet Production Line of modular specialized production on the one hand, he can get a bigger share of the market, on the other hand to ensure the quality of the whole period and accelerate the capital turnover is very good, can expand its applicable functional development space, more large-scale development can reduce the production cost, in the next development, need to focus on its function and network, saving manpower and ensure the stability of the process, can greatly improve the accuracy of the product.

As China's manufacturing technology level, of the ascent of the whole extrusion application market and China's overall development, extrusion equipment and technology of China suppliers at home and abroad market has won a place of their own. But we can't help but see that China's extruding industry still faces high value-added equipment imports. 2011 years ago in the third quarter, China's total exports plastic granulator, 2255, the amount of $39.76 million, although the Plastic Sheet Production Line and technology of China have got rapid development in recent years, the international competitiveness has improved significantly, however, how to improve the added value of the equipment, how to realize the chinese-made extrusion equipment "quality", is still the extrusion industry is facing the biggest challenge in China.