Wood-plastic Profile (WPC Profiles), Ecological, Green Wood Introduced

Products can 100% recycling again using, can alternative natural wood, and is better than plastic, wood plastic composite, and said environmental wood, and anti-corrosion wood, and ecological wood, is using polymer interface chemical principle and plastic fill modified sex of features, distribution to must proportion of resin base material, from production raw materials of angle,, wood quality plastic products slow and from has plastic waste of pollution-pollution, also from except agricultural plant burning to environment brings of pollution. Wood plastic production and use are not distributed into the environment hazardous to human health of Volatiles, wood itself can also be recovered secondary use of plastic products, wood products is a new eco-friendly products, eco-clean is a composite material. It has on the preparation and application of the superior characteristics than traditional wood. Various coloring agents or coated colors of simulated wood grain products products smooth surface, smooth, impervious, water resistance, insect resistance, corrosion and contamination resistance are much better than wood. But also has the ability to resist high temperature low temperature resistance, thereby overcoming the inherent in natural wood cracking, warping, stain, mildew and other natural defects. Its biggest feature is that it also has the natural wood and the advantages of synthetic plastic materials the basis of two different materials.