PE Double Wall Corrugated Pipe Extrusion Production Line

PE Double Wall Corrugated Pipe Extrusion Production Line
Product Details

PE Double Wall Corrugated Pipe Extruding Line

   Product advantages:
1. High density, good compression resistance and good impact resistance
2. Good resistance of asymmetrical bedding, can be buried in mollisol and quicksand
3. Rubber ring connection, easy but no leakage in the joint
4. Smooth interior wall and low friction, high flow capacity
5. Good corrosion resistance and no environment pollution
6. Lightweight, easy to transport and install, low construction cost
7. Applications: municipal sewage, rainwater discharge, flood waters drainage, irrigation, ventilation for mine and buildings, industrial waste discharge
1. Municipal water supply, gas supply and agriculture
2. Commercial and residential water supply
3. Industrial liquids transportation
4. Sewage treatment
5. Food and chemical industry
7. Replacement of cement pipes and steel pipes
8. Argillaceous silt, mud transportation
9. Garden green pipe networks
 DN Min Ave Diameter Min inn WT Min laminated WTBonding Length 
 200mm 195mm 1.1mm 1.5mm 54mm
 300mm 294mm 1.7mm 2.0mm 64mm
 400mm 392mm 2.3mm 2.5mm 74mm
 500mm 490mm 3.0mm 3.0mm 85mm
 600mm 588mm 3.5mm 3.5mm 96mm
 700mm 685mm 4.0mm 4.0mm 102mm
 800mm 785mm 4.5mm 4.5mm 118mm
 Material Section shape PN Grade Color Certificate
 HDPE100 Round 0.6-1.6MPa Black or white with blue stripe ISO 9001:2008
 Standard GB/T13663-2000 SDR rating SDR11 SDR13.6 SDR17 SDR21 SDR26 

Machine working video:

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