PPR/ PE-RT/PEX Plastic Aluminum Stable Pipe Production Extrusion Line

PPR/ PE-RT/PEX Plastic Aluminum Stable Pipe Production Extrusion Line
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PPR/ PE-RT/PEX Plastic Aluminum Stable Pipe Production Extrusion Line



Plastic Aluminum composite pipe production line include PE-AL-PE pipe production line,

PEX-AL-PEX pipe extruder machine, PERT-AL-PERT pipe extrusion line and ect


Original creation aluminum pipe figuration system and exact aluminum pipe sitting system. That ensures welding to process welding line extended stability and aluminum pipe finished product frankly.

Co-extrusion die: Unique five layer co-extrusion technology ensures high and stable quality for aluminum plastic composite pipe. Advanced calibrating technology can develop the calibration quality. Ultrasonic welding machine with stable performance makes the flat weld seam and high quality.

Imported welding machine with TIG butt welding/ ultrasonic welder and roller type Al. tube ensure high productivity and perfect product in compliance with American standard. Al-tape jointing machine, layer after extrusion with two welding torches can easily guarantee die change and a long time continuous production in process with high quality product rate.

   Aluminum strap auxiliary equipment: Special designed double station storage rack put the aluminum strap in advanced strap jointing machine, which ensures the aluminum strap quality. Aluminum storage unit makes the production continue, high performance forming table ensure good forming of plastic aluminum pipe.

   Double station coiler: the automatic aligning device ensures the proper coiling position. Automatic loading saves time and labor. The tension adjusting function ensures coiling quality. Shifting device for station ensures the production continuing.

   High automation: the whole line adopts advantage of computer controlling system which provides a well human-machine interface and gives an automatic cloosed-loop control to the extrusion, haul-off, temperature and the diameter of pipe.

Advanced and perfect detection system: laser diameter caliper, through the PCC system, the outer diameter of inner PE tube and that of the finished tube with an auto cloosed-loop control. The eddy fault detector and the jet printer detect the welding fault on the finished pipe automatically and correctly, which assures product quality.

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