Plastic HDPE Water Pipe Extrusion Production Line

Plastic HDPE Water Pipe Extrusion Production Line
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Plastic HDPE Water Pipe Extrusion Production Line

  HDPE Pipe Extrusion Line is primarily used in the manufacturing of HDPE pipes with diameters ranging from 16mm to 1600mm. The various thickness of the pipes produced can make them suitable for applications range from urban water supply to gas transportation. This Duraline HDPE Pipe Extrusion Line also excels in the production of anti-flammable and anti-static electricity pipes using a two or three layer spiral mould for use in mining industries. Pipes produced feature even wall-thickness and perfect roundness. Through switching or adding certain part of machine unit, this HDPE Pipe Extrusion Line can also be customized to extrude pipes of various other kind.

  Through years of research and experience in the implementation and production of plastic machinery, our factory has developed a proprietary HDPE pipe production line featuring unique structures and truly novel design. Our engineers have studied designs through the globe and have developed a product that is truly world class.From the optimized layout of equipment to its efficient wiring, our HDPE water supply pipe and gas pipe production lines were designed with performance and energy savings in mind.

Can be Used To Produce: HDPE Pipes, PE Pipes, PE Pipes, PP Pipes, PB Pipes, PERT Pipes, ABS Pipes
Applicable Materials: HDPE, PE, PP, PB, PERT, ABS

Model/Spec. Diameter range (mm) Co-extruder model Line speed (m/min) Max output (Kg/h) Installed power (kw)
TSG65/33 20-110 TSJ25/25 0.3-12 180 98
TSG75/33 63-160 TSJ25/25 0.5-5 220 120
TSG90/33 160-400 TSJ30/25 0.5-2 450 220
TSG120/33 355-630 TSJ30/25 0.1-1 800 320
TSG150/33 400--800 TSJ40/25 0.1-0.5 1200 450

Machine working video:

16-63MM PE pipe production line

20 -110mm PP PE pipe production line

75-315MM PE pipe production line

315-630MM PE pipe production line

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