2015 Hot Plastic PPR Pipe Production Extrusion Line with Dia. 16-160mm

2015 Hot Plastic PPR Pipe Production Extrusion Line with Dia. 16-160mm
Product Details
PPR pipe production line:

Advantages of PPR pipes:

1, non toxic and health. PPR raw materials for elements only carbon and hydrogen elements, there is no harmful toxic elements, and health, not only for hot and cold water pipes, can be used in clean drinking water systems.

2, thermal insulation. PPR pipe thermal conductivity coefficient of 0.21w/mk, only 1 / 200 to steel pipe.

3, good heat resistance. PPR pipe Vicat softening point of 131.5 degrees C. Maximum working temperature up to 95 degrees C, water supply and drainage to meet the construction specifications require in the use of hot water system.

4, long service life. PPR pipe in working temperature 70 degrees C, working pressure (PN) 1.0MPa conditions, the service life can be up to 50 years; At room temperature (20 degrees C) service life can be up to 100 years.

5, easy installation, connection. PPR has good welding properties, pipe, pipe fittings can be used hot-melt and fused connections, easy installation, the strength of its joints is greater than the strength of its own pipe.

6, recyclable materials. Waste PPR after clean, broken recycling can be used in the pipes, pipe fittings production. Recycling materials does not exceed the total amount of 10%, does not affect product quality.

Main Applications:

1, building hot and cold water systems, including central heating systems;

2, building heating system, including floor, wall and radiant heating systems;

3, can be directly used in purified water drinking water supply systems;

4, Central (concentration) air conditioning systems;

5, transfer or discharge of chemical media, such as industrial piping system.

Model  numberPPR-16/63PPR-20/110PPR-50/160
Pipe  diameter 16-63mm20-110mm50-160mm
Max  output 150kg/h150kg/h280kg/h
Production  rate5-15m/min2-12m/min2-10m/min
Extruder  modelUMA-65/33UMA-65/33UMA-75/33
Installed  power100kw110kw150kw
Center  height1000mm1000mm1000mm
Installation  area35*3.0*2.0m38*3.1*2.2m38*3.2*2.2m
Machine working video:

PPR pipe production line:



PPR fiberglass co-extrusion pipe production line


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